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Automotive Production Test Equipment Solutions
Custom Test System Integrators
Automotive, Medical, Consumer, Industrial, and the Renewable Energy Markets

orion Measurement

Since 1984, Orion Measurement Solutions has been well positioned to address your automated test system requirements. Our staff will design and install these complete test systems with a priority for on-time and within budget delivery. In addition, OMS features experts in mechatronics, a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering. With this electrical and mechanical engineering knowledgebase, we also design and develop custom industrial test hardware and software tools. Typical product validation solutions combine off-the-shelf systems and equipment from our technology partners with custom application software, functional test fixtures, and enclosures. Engineering - Fabrication - Assembly - Integration - Deployment/Support - Project Management

We will work closely with you in designing innovative techniques and novel approaches to solve technical challenges that present themselves during the evolution of the project. OMS offers on-site consulting and installation/start-up assistance to assure a smooth transition from final equipment testing to reliable daily operation. With automated test systems in use around the world, Orion Measurement Solutions is the proven choice to deliver the most effective solution for your application.